Shipping Carton Designs

Common options are shown below.

Regular Slotted Carton

Open Top

Tray & Lid

5 Panel Folder

Design Variations

Shelf Ready Shipper


Built in Dividers

Twin Sleeve

Flexographic Print

Our carton designs can be printed by flexography. With a low one-off tooling fee, the print cost per unit is very affordable. Up to 4 spot colours are available.

Banana Box

Shipping Carton Boards

Corrugated board is available in White or Kraft and single or twin flute.

Single Flute

Single flute is the most common board used in carton manufacturing. Offering good protection at a cost-effective price it is perfect for lighter products.

Twin Flute

An additional layer adds extra crush protection and strength. Very useful for heavy, bulky or high value product.